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“I write this testimonial of reference to share my professional experiences with Leonora Tzic-Shoop who I have had the good fortune to work with at El Centro Academy for Children in Kansas City, Kansas. For approximately eight years. Leonora shows a great deal of initiative and enthusiasm to challenge herself every day to learn more and demonstrate best practice. Leonora is strong professional who is caring, hardworking and very good teacher. Her leadership and positive connection with the student, families and the community. Demonstrates that she values relationship and desires to build a strong home-school partnership. I highly recommend Leonora Tzic-Shoop and welcome any opportunity to discuss her strengths.

– Kristin Jacobs-SchoemannSpark

Family Service Worker




“Sometimes it is difficult to find people who are professional and trustworthy especially when it comes to doing the job well. Bud and Leonora are the team to do the job properly and in a timely manner, they helped me with the renovation and sale of my house in Neodesha Kansas. I will definitely, do business with them again.”

– Lisa Ashworth Oakdale LA




“Abril, 2017Having worked with Leonora for 14 years. I have learned many things about her, firstly, Leonora’s character is responsible of integrity, honesty and will only carryout doing nothing but the best for her customers. Leonora was also a manager at the front end of the store. Her experience and performance is commendable and admirable.”

– Katie Fern





“May 02, 2017I have worked with Bud Shoop for 15 years known for more than 20 years. His work is thorough and comprehensive paying attention to details.  Trust that anything he would do for me would be no short of outstanding.”

– Neodesha, KS

Lead Fiberglass Shop at Cobalt Boats


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